BAMBIC, Predrag
Film & TV Cameraman; Co-Owner of "Montage", Belgrade
* 1958 Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia
1977-1981 Belgrade University - Faculty of Drama Arts / Film & TV camera department
1981-1985 While Bambic worked for TV Belgrade he produeced over 3000 news reports and documentaries
1986 He served in the Yugoslav army Marines
1987-1988 As a freelance cameraman Bambic filmed TV features, documentaries, corporate films, commercials and musical promos
1989-1993 He worked for the Yugoslav Army s film production company "Zastava film" where he filmed the genesis of the violent disintegration of Yugoslavia. Bambic covered all the major events related to the developments of the wars in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Much of it was screened in the BBC documentary "Death of Yugoslavia"
1992-1994 Together with with Martin Bell, George Eykyan, Dan Rather, Aernaout van Lynden and others he covered for BBC, CNN, CBS, SKY News and ABC many stories on the war in Bosnia and Croatia
1995-1996 Bambic worked for Reuters TV agency and covered all the major news stories and events in the South-East Europe - wars in Croatia and Bosnia. He shot many well-known pictures of the wars in the Balkans
1996-2002 Worked for CNN International on many assignments - reports and documentaries about all, in that period numerous and tumultuous, events in Balkans with correspondents such as: Christiane Amanpour, Nic Robertson, Alessio Vinci, Richard Blystone, Brent Sadler, Jim Clancy, Tom Mintier, Walter Rogers, Jim Bitterman, Peter Arnett, Matthew Chance including exclusive live reporting about democratic revolution on October 5. 2000
since 2002 Founded film & TV production company "montage". 3 feature films, 2 TV serials, commercials
Feature films:
"Agi and Emma", filmed and co-produced, 2006
"South by Southeast", filmed and co-produced, 2005
"Land of Truth, Love and Freedom", filmed and co-produced, 10 international awards, 2000
"Big mess"/ "Avala Film", 1991

"Das Kreuz der Serben" / TV "Arte", 2003
"Yugoslavia, avoidable war" / "Hargrove Entertainmnet", 2002
"The People vs. Milosevic" / CNN, 2001
"Het Misferstand" / Ikon TV, 1996
<> Serbia: From isolation to coproduction (August 25, 2007 14.00 o'clock)

GRIMM, Andrea
Leiterin, Fachbereich Innovationsmanagement, stv. Leiterin, Studiengang Produktmarketing & Projektmanagement, Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt, Campus Wieselburg
Dissertationsstudium, Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaft, Thema: "Triumph der Bilder. Visuelle Beeinflussungsstrategien im Propagandafilm", Universität Wien
Studium Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaft sowie Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft, Universität Wien
Lehrgang Kulturmanagement, Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt, Campus Wieselburg
Kommunikationsberatung: HMS Carat Austria
Filmfestival Viennale, Wien
Freiberufliche Fotografie (PR, Tanz, Theater)
Club Alpbach
<> Stereotypen und Journalismus / Nachrichten (August 24, 2007 11.00 o'clock)
<> Die Inszenierung des Experten, des Laien (wird oft als typische "Null" dargestellt); Inszenierungen rund um den "Runden Tisch" (August 24, 2007 14.30 o'clock)
<> Konstruktion des Bösen, Guten, Hässlichen und Fremden (August 25, 2007 10.45 o'clock)

Director and Screenwriter; Assistant Professor of Screenwriting, Academy of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade
Srdjan Koljevic graduated in screenwriting and playwriting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade. He works as a Assistant Professor of Screenwriting at this school today.
He wrote or co-wrote eight feature films, all of them national box office hits and awarded internationally - amongst which the film which he also directed "Red Coloured Grey Truck" (2004; Serbian-German-Slovenian co-production) earned him the widest recognition of international audience, festivals and critics.
The most recent film that he wrote "The Trap" (2007; Serbian-German-Hungarian co-production) premiered at the Berlinale, currently is being screened on numerous international festivals.
He is in currently working on his next film ("The Woman With The Broken Nose"), also a Serbian-German co-production.
Films & Awards:
Srdjan Koljevi is the most produced and most awarded screenwriter in the region of former Yugoslavia since his screenwriting debut in 1993
"The Trap" (2007, co-writer, dir. by Srdan Golubovic)
Best Director Award (Go East Film Festival, Wiesbaden 2007)
FIPRESCI International Critics Prize (Go East Film Festival Wiesbaden 2007)
"Red Coloured Grey Truck" (2004, writer and director). It has received 11 international awards, and 13 national awards. International:
Special Award for the First Film (Troia International Film Festival, Portugal, 2005),
Special Award of the Jury (Alexandria Int. Film Festival 2005),
FIPRESCI Int. Critics Prize (Warsaw International Film Festival 2005),
"Normal People" (2001, co-writer with director Oleg Novkovi)
awarded at the National Film Script Festival, Vrnja ka Banja,
screened at various international festivals (Mannheim, Moscow...)
"Sky Hook" (2000, co-writer with Djordje Milosavljevi, directed by Ljubisa Samardzi)
Festival of Montpellier, (Montpellier Audience Award) and Palm Springs (Audience Award),
Best Screenplay Award at the National Screenplay Festival,
Selected by Yugoslav Film Academy as the national nominee for the Oscar Awards
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KORKISCH, Friedrich
Director, CFDP - Center for Foreign and Defence Policy; Chairman of the Board, Strategy and Security Policy, Federal Ministry of Defence and Sports of the Republic of Austria, Vienna
studied Political Science, Philosophy and International Relations at the University of Vienna; American History, US Government, Santa Barbara City College; English, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Military Science Miklos Zrinyi Univ. Budapest.
Teaching assignments: Department of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna; Generalstabslehrgänge and Strategischer Führungslehrgang der Bundesregierung, Landesverteidigungsakademie Wien; Diplomacy and Diplomatic History, International University Vienna; Macro Economics Corvinus Univ., Budapest
Science Commission; International Studies Association, University of Arizona, Tucson, 1988-2012
Austrian Delegation to the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe/Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Ministry of Defense, Vienna (BMLV), 1991-2002
MinRat Ret., Colonel, Austrian Air Force/Air Staff, MoD (International Affairs, Air Force), Ret., President, Club Alpbach, Vienna, 2002
Author of several books and articles in professional journals (foreign and security policy, strategy, air power and aerial warfare, doctrines, NATO affairs, international law)
<> Opening (August 24, 2007 9.00 o'clock)
<> Der Held im Western-, Kriegsfilm und Crime-Genre, Feindbilder im Film, als politischer Erziehungsfaktor; Kampf gegen den inneren und äußeren Feind (August 24, 2007 9.15 o'clock)
<> Stereotypen und Journalismus / Nachrichten (August 24, 2007 11.00 o'clock)
<> Die Inszenierung des Experten, des Laien (wird oft als typische "Null" dargestellt); Inszenierungen rund um den "Runden Tisch" (August 24, 2007 14.30 o'clock)

Head, Austrian Marketing University of Applied Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Wr. Neustadt, Campus Wieselburg
Studium der Kommunikations-, Politik- und Wirtschaftswissenschaft an der Universität Wien, sowie Filmproduktion an der Wiener Filmakademie
Aufnahmeleitung, Regieassistentin und Produktionsleitung bei verschiedenen Filmproduktionen (Universum-Dokumentationen, Wirtschaftsfilme)
Assistentin am Institut für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft der Universität Wien; Schwerpunkt: Marktkommunikation
seit 1999 Studiengangsleiterin der Studiengänge Marketing, Projekt- und Innovationsmanagement an der Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt | Campus Wieselburg; Schwerpunkt: Unternehmenskommunikation
<> Stereotypen und Journalismus / Nachrichten (August 24, 2007 11.00 o'clock)
<> Die Inszenierung des Experten, des Laien (wird oft als typische "Null" dargestellt); Inszenierungen rund um den "Runden Tisch" (August 24, 2007 14.30 o'clock)
<> Ebenen von Stereotypen; Journalismus und Werbung überzeichnen, Mann und Frau in der Werbung (August 25, 2007 9.00 o'clock)

Vice President & Marketing Director, Pink Media Group, Belgrade
<> Serbia: From isolation to coproduction (August 25, 2007 14.00 o'clock)

VUCKOVIC, Miroljub
General Manager, ewCPF - east west Crossings Promotion Fund, Belgrade
since 1979 Engaged in various researches and projects of the Yugoslav Film Institute, as retrospective of the Yugoslav films at Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Cinematheque Royale in Brussels, Giornate del cinema muto in Pordenone etc.
1993-1995 engaged by different Russian TV stations (OSTANKINO, the 1st channel of Russian TV, then TV6, NTV and TV "Myr") as advisor and coproducer of TV programmes dedicated to the International Film festivals - Cannes, Venice, London, Brussels, Rotterdam, San Sebastian, Thessaloniki, etc.
1995-1998 Film critic and author, monthly TV program "Cinema Art"
1995-2005 General Manager of the Institut za film (Film Institute)
1997-2011 Artistic Director of Belgrade International Film Festival
2001-2005 Chairman of South-East European Cinema Network
since 2006 Founder and Director of east west Crossings Promotion Fund
since 2007 Acting Director of Film Center Serbia
Promoter of foreign films, Yugoslavia (realised special programmes of films from Brazil, Argentina, India, European and Arab countries etc.)
Author of TV portraits of Nagisa Oshima, Peter Greenaway, Chantal Akerman, Daniel Toscan du Plantier, Harvey Keitel, Simon Perry, Atom Egoyan, Sergey Bodrov, Tsai Ming-liang, Paul Morrissay, Hou Hsiao-hsien, etc.
Chairman of the South East European Cinema Network (established 2001 with an aim to develop collaboration in the field of cinema between 11 South East European Countries)
Member of the jury in Berlin, Karlovy Vary, Huesca, Cairo, Thessaloniki, Alexandria, Antalia, Pusan, Chicago, Cluj, Isfahan, Ivanovo, Trencianske Teplice, etc.
Published popular articles and professional film essays in different Yugoslav and foreign dailies and periodicals.
<> Serbia: From isolation to coproduction (August 25, 2007 14.00 o'clock)

Correspondent, ORF - Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Belgrade
1981-1985 Studium an der juridischen Fakultät und am Institut für Slawistik, Karl-Franzens-Universitaet Graz
1997 Teilnahme an der Ukrainian Summer School, Harvard University, USA
1998 Einmonatiges Stipendium, Duke-Universität in North Carolina auf Einladung der Austrian-American-Foundation (abschließend wurden auch Medien in New York und Washington besucht)
Als Korrespondent zählt zum Tätigkeitsbereich die Berichterstattung über Serbien und Montenegro, die ehemaligen jugoslawischen Teilrepubliken Mazedonien, Bosnien und Herzegowina, Kroatien, Slowenien, den Kosovo und Albanien sowie die Führung des ORF-Büros in Belgrad. Verbunden war und ist diese journalistische Tätigkeit mit ausgedehnten Reisen durch die Zielländer in der Region.
Fremdsprachenkenntnisse: Englisch, Russisch, Ukrainisch, Serbisch (sehr gut), Französisch (gut), Slowenisch (gut), Mazedonisch (passiv gut), Albanisch (Grundkenntnisse)
Österreichischer Staatspreis für publizistische Leistungen im Interesse der Geistigen Landesverteidigung, 2000
Leopold Kunschak- Pressepreis, 2007
Veröffentlicht wurden viele Beiträge über die Lage am Balkan vor allem in der "Kleinen Zeitung" in Graz und in der "Wiener Zeitung" sowie grundsätzliche Beiträge zu gesellschafts-, außensicherheits- und medienpolitischen Themen. Hinzu kommen Vorträge über die Lage im ehemaligen Jugoslawien.
Wehrschuetz, Christian: Im Kreuzfeuer, Am Balkan zwischen Brüssel und Belgrad, 2009
<> Serbia: From isolation to coproduction (August 25, 2007 14.00 o'clock)
<> Cultural Programme - Serbian film: Klopka (August 26, 2007 21.00 o'clock)
<> Political Symposium - European public sphere (August 28, 2007 14.30 o'clock)

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